Samantha "Sam" Manson is a character from the Nickelodeon animated series Danny Phantom. She is a teenaged girl who is a self-proclaimed Goth and a vegetarian, revealed to be Jewish in the series' Christmas episode, and one of Danny Fenton's two best friends, alongside Tucker Foley. She has unholding interest in the subliminal and netherworldly, but combines this with an outspoken attitude on vegetarianism, animal rights and environmentalism. Throughout the series, she and Danny deny the idea that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, though they eventually become a couple in the series finale.

In the Christmas episode, "The Fright Before Christmas!", she is unusually peppy and asks Danny why he isn't happy, only to find out that he hates Christmas because of his parents' constant arguments about the existence of Santa Claus. She and Tucker later help Danny and the ghosts return all the holiday items to their homes at the end.

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