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"Santa's Little Helpers" is the third and final song from the Jay Jay the Jet Plane Christmas episode, "Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure". It is performed by Jay Jay and Tracy during the second part, and is the only song in the episode to be an original. Jay Jay and Tracy sing this as they are shown making Santa's deliveries, as one of his reindeer is sick and cannot do it himself.


Tracy: Christmas is my very favorite day…
Jay Jay: Mine, too!
But I never thought we'd celebrate this way.
Tracy: They say that it's better to give than to receive.
Jay Jay: I guess we'll find that out this Christmas Eve!

Both: Because we're Santa's little helpers,
Spreading Christmas cheer.
Jay Jay: I'm Jay Jay! • Tracy: I'm Tracy!
Both: We're jet planes, not reindeer!

Jay Jay: We've been asked to do a task,
Tracy: and we will get it done.
Both: We're Santa's little helpers,
Merry Christmas, everyone.

We're Santa's little helpers, with packages of toys.
Tracy: Hands selected specially, for all the girls and boys.
Jay Jay: While they enjoy a silent night, our work has just begun.
Both: [Chorus 3x]

Jay Jay: Merry Christmas, Tracy.
Tracy: You too, Jay Jay.