"Santa Claus" is the first Christmas episode of the courtroom drama series Matlock, originally produced and aired on NBC as the eleventh episode of its first season.


At Christmas time, a heartless businessman wants to evict the residents of an apartment building he owns. He tangles with a resident named Tom McCabe (Pat Hingle), who just happens to be working as a street Santa. Later, a man wearing a Santa suit enters the businessman's office building and kills him. Later, someone enters the Santa's apartment and tangles with him. Later, three of the businessman's people find him dead. Ben offers to defend the Santa, and suspects that one of the associates is the killer because a piece of evidence against the Santa was found near the body, and he believes who ever broke into the Santa's apartment took it and planted it there.


The episode was made available on the Matlock: The Complete First Season DVD set, released by CBS Home Entertainment through Paramount Home Entertainment on April 8, 2008.

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