"Santa Knows" is the sixth and final Christmas episode of the FOX sitcom Beverly Hills, 90210, aired in the show's eighth season.


Kelly considers filing sexual harassment charges against Monahan, but does not want to interfere with a fundraiser for the clinic. Monahan makes a pass during the event; Kelly talks with a supervisor, who warns that reporting him could cause future employers to label her a troublemaker. Brandon goes to Emma's apartment to pick up a column, and has sex with her. Wracked with guilt, he goes overboard trying to prove himself to Kelly. After Ben's parents reject his Christmas peace offering, he tells David that he plans to move in with his aunt and uncle. David realizes that he is lying and returns to stop him from slashing his wrists. He takes him back to the Walsh house, where Valerie convinces him not to give up on life. His parents ask him to come home, and his father vows to try his best to accept him. Valerie and David realize how much they mean to each other. Noah upsets Donna by pushing her away during the holidays. Steve and a Santa suit clad Nat help restore Zach's Christmas spirit after a friend tells him that there is no Santa Claus.

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