Santa With Muscles is a 1996 comedy film starring professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. Only released for two weeks in cinemas, it was panned by critics and has since appeared on a number of worst film lists, including the bottom 100 films on the Internet Movie Database.


Hulk Hogan plays a rich man who loses his memory when hit on the head while wearing a Santa suit, and naturally he assumes he's the real Santa.


Hulk HoganBlake
Don StarkLenny
Robin CurtisLeslie
Garrett MorrisClayton
Aria Noelle CurzonElizabeth
Adam WylieTaylor
Mila KunisSarah
Jennifer PazHelen Chu
Clint HowardHinkley
William NewmanChas
Robert ApisaFranco
Pierre DulatPierre
Steve ValentineDr. Blight
Ed Begley Jr.Ebner Frost
Kai EphronDr. Vial
Diane RobinDr. Watt
Kevin WestDr. Flint
Ed DonnoMr. Rapini
Andre KinneySteven
Bentley ShusterGirl
Troy RobinsonBaldie
Pete ApisaNose Ring
Brenda SongSusan
Malone BrintonBrat Kid
Bridget MichelleMall Manager
Ed LeslieSumo Lab Assistant
Blake ShusterBoy in the Corridor
Uncredited actors/actresses
Neill CalabroBoy in the corridor's Father
Emmy CicieregaOld Lady
Melody Clark-Curzon (voice)Talking ATM
Brian J. WilliamsCop with Bazooka

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