Santa World: Christmas Bedtime Stories is the 2018 Chirstmas movie, the first spinoff of A Frozen Christmas franchise, and it marks the first entry of WowNow Entertainmemt's Once Upon a Tale Entertainment label.

Program Highlights

The "Once Upon a Tale presents" opens the movie, followed by the main title sequence (which is the same as the original installment).


In the opening segment, set shortly after the previous installment it's Christmas Eve in Santa's house in the North Pole. Here, Santa Claus, with one of his elves aside, is talking to three of his reindeer (one of them is his reindeer friend Barnaby) about the reaction of flying in his suited-up seligh. Barnaby says to Santa, who's done delivering the presents around Earth this year, about what they did in this day. Santa replys that Christmas is not over yet. Barnaby suggests to listen to the Christmas stories to kindle the spirits and warms the hearts. Santa agrees with him, and he told the audience to settle in and grab your antlers for the following Christmas stories. Santa's sleigh takes off dropping one present ("From Santa") and off in a sillette against the full moon (both reused from the original installment).


All stories featured here is narrated by a unknown female and, like A Frozen Christmas franchise did, Christmas display is onscreen. Before each story, the main title plays again with the different story title instead of a subtitle.

After the last story is heard, to end the movie, the closing credits is shown, followed by the "Once Upon a Tale presents" logo.


Voice actor Character
Mark Singer Santa Actually voiced by
KJ Schrock
Scott Lane Gargoff Credited from Bigfoot
by their mistake


  • This is the first of WowNow's Christmas titles to be distributed on DVD by Dreamscape Media.

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