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Santa vs the snowman cast

Santa vs. the Snowman is a CGI-animated special that premiered on December 13, 1997. It was later released as a 3D short which played in IMAX theaters beginning in 2002.


Meet the loneliest Snowman. He has no friends and never learned to speak because nobody was around. Instead, his little flute was his voice. Every night, he played his flute for the stars. But one particular night, the stars shouted back. A flash of light zoomed past the Snowman and shattered his flute. Consumed with curiosity, the Snowman set off to find out what created the mysterious light.

Eventually, the Snowman finds himself at Santa's Village. The Snowman enters a toy workshop, where elves were making toys. Another elf comes into the workshop. With him is the workshop owner: Santa Claus. While Santa is chatting with his elves, the Snowman finds a red and gold flute in the workshop. After grabbing the flute, an alarm goes off. The Snowman retreats, but Santa sends some of his elves to retrieve the flute. While being chased, the Snowman drops the flute, and hides from the elves by jumping off a cliff. He grabs an icicle stalactite, waiting for them to leave. After the elves retrieve the flute and return to the village, the Snowman heads home.

The Snowman cannot stop thinking about Santa and his wonderful workshop. It seems that Santa has the perfect life: A marvelous home, many friends, plenty of toys, loved by everybody. But why wouldn't Santa let the Snowman have one little toy? It just didn't seem fair to the Snowman. The Snowman imagines himself as Santa, giving out toys, loved by everyone. At that moment, the Snowman thinks, "Why should Santa keep all that love, good tidings, and friendship for himself? That didn't seem fair. Maybe, it's time someone else got to be Santa?" And with that, the Snowman forms a sneaky plan to take Santa's spot.

The Snowman sneaks into one of the village's attractions, where he is noticed, and kicked out. He comes up with another idea. He makes various equipment for invading the workshop, and snowman minions to help him. The Snowman changes from his usual self to a much more devious Snowman.

The Snowman and his minions invade Santa's Village, but Santa sends his elves to fight back, in a chaotic battle. The elves attempt to melt and blow up the snowmen while the snowmen spew snowballs at the elves. Since Christmas was only hours away, Santa decides to help his elves end the conflict. The Snowman unleashes a snow monster - but Santa defeats it by using heat to shrink it. Just when it seems that Snowman is about to surrender, many more of his minions appear, greatly outnumbering Santa's forces. With that, Santa and his elves are imprisoned.

The Snowman leaves to deliver toys, leaving Santa and the elves in an ice cage. However, an elf named Flippy comes to rescue them.

Meanwhile, the Snowman soars above the rooftops. He sits in his snow replica of Santa's sleigh, while his minions act as his reindeer, feeling wonderful. Now, all he has to do is deliver a few toys, and everyone will love him. When the Snowman arrives at a little girl's house, Santa is making his way to the Snowman. The Snowman gives the girl an ice doll, but the doll shatters. Santa arrives and gives the girl a real doll. Instead of punishing the Snowman, Santa gives him the red and gold flute that the Snowman had attempted to steal, saying that the flute always belonged to him because Santa had accidentally shattered the first flute. Santa explains giving to the Snowman, saying, "Christmas giving isn't just for Santa. The spirit of giving is something that lives inside all of us." As they are about to part ways, the Snowman discovers that his sleigh and his minions had melted from the heat of the little girl's chimney. Santa offers the Snowman a ride back home, and they become friends.


Voice actor/actress Character
Jonathan Winters Santa Claus
Don LaFontaine Narrator (2002)
Ben Stein Spunky the Elf
Victoria Jackson
Marc Decarlo
Dee Bradley Baker
David Floyd Bundis the Elf
J. Haley Elvis the Elf
Jean DeLisle Kids
Keith Alcorn Charlie the Elf
Steve Oedekerk (EP) Narrator (1997)
Sno' Hellton

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