Santa vs. the Snowman is a computer-animated special that aired on December 13, 1997. It was later released as a 3D short which played in IMAX theatres beginning in 2002.


When a lonely snowman wants to be part of the holiday fun, he decides to impersonate Santa! A hilarious clash that ensues where rocket-propelled reindeer face-off against snowball-launching igloos! ( Get it in 3D or 2D!!!!! )


  • Jonathan Winters as Santa Claus
  • Don LaFontaine as the Narrator
  • Ben Stein as Spunky the Elf
  • Victoria Jackson as Elves
  • Marc Decarlo as Elves
  • David Floyd as Bundis the Elf
  • J. Haley as Elvis the Elf
  • Jean DeLisle as Kids
  • Keith Alcorn as Charlie the Elf
  • Steve Oedekerk as Sno' Hellton & The Narrator (1997 version)


  • There are various nods to other films, like a scene of ice-made AT-AT's, mostly resembling the ones from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
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