Saving Santa is a CGI -animated Christmas musical movie, from Gateway Films and Prana Animation Studios, originally premiered as the Walmart exclusive release on November 1, 2013. Distributed in the U.S. by The Weinstein Company, it is directed by animators Leon Joosen and Aaron Seelman.


Bernard, a lowly elf, finds that he is the only one who can stop a invasion of the North Pole by using the secret of Santa's sleigh, a TimeGlobe, to travel back in time to save Santa - twice.


The original musical score is composed, orchestrated & conducted by Grant Olding, who also arranged the following original songs.

Original Songs

Song titleMusic & Lyrics byPerformed by
"A Christmas Wish"Grant OldingBenjy Norman
"Prospects" Martin Freeman
"An Elf Like Me"
"Do or Die"Ashley Tisdale (U.S.)
Katarzyna Laska (U.K.)
M. Freeman
"Swingle Bells" Traiditonal (music/lyrics)
G. Olding (arranger/additional lyrics)
"12 Days of Elevator Muzak"
"Some Kind of Miracle"Mark YaegerA. Tisdale (U.S.)
K. Laska (U.K.)
Rachael Dahl (BG vocal)
Jessica Burgan (BG vocal)
Benjamin Willan (BG vocal)
Vince Walker (BG vocal)
Klaus Badelt (producer)
M. Yaeger (producer)
Brian Sumner (mixer)
Dave Pensado (mixer)
"A Christmas Wish RepriseG. OldingB. Norman (as the Cast)
Tim Conway (U.S.; as the Cast)
Tom Baker (U.K.; as the Cast)
A. Tisdale (U.S.; as the Cast)
Katarzyna Laska (U.K.; as the Cast)
M. Freeman (as the Cast)


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Newell AlexanderButterscotch
Mercenary #4 (U.S.)
Chris FairbrassMercenary #4 (U.K.)
Noel ClarkeSnowy
Joan CollinsVera Baddington
Tim Conway (U.S.)
Tom Baker (U.K.)
David CowgillMercenary #1
Tim CurryNeville Baddington
Holly DorffMinty
Moosie DrierTin Soldier #1
Old Man Elf
Pam FerrisMrs. Claus
Martin FreemanBernard D. Elf
Jackie GonneauFemale Santech Elf with glasses
Nick GuestBlitzen (U.S.)
Chiris BarrieBlitzen (U.K.)
Richard HorvitzOrange-haired Elf
Ashley Tisdale (U.S.)
Katarzyna Laska (U.K.)
David ZylerTin Soldier #2
Mercenary #3
Ricky Roxburgh
Nick Simunek
Terry Stone
Gregor Truter
Additional voices
Toby WilliamsNutcracker
Xavier Alcan (uncredited)Lutin

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