Second Star to the Left is a 2001 Christmas TV special, produced by Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment and Silver Fox Films for BBC. Created and directed by Graham Ralph, the special was first transmitted on BBC1 on Christmas Eve 2001. The special also features the voice of Becky Taylor, singing the single "You Can Be A Hero".


One Christmas Eve a parcel falls from Santa's sleigh and lands in a small shed. From this moment the lives of Archie, Babs and Duke are changed forever. Three pets whose normal, but boring lives are disrupted by discovering this missing parcel, embark on an exciting new adventure when they decide to return the parcel by morning. Through their adventures, each character learns that however small and insignificant we think we are, we can make a difference.


Voice Actor  Character
Hugh Laurie Archie
Barbara Windsor Babs
Mark Williams Duke
Henry Cherrytree Santa Claus

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