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Secret of Giving is a CBS TV movie, based on the book Christmas in Calico by Jack Curtis, that premiered on Thanksgiving Day of 1999. It was nominated for the 2000 Young Artist Award for Best Family TV Network Movie.


As Christmas approaches, a single mother struggles to raise her son and keep up the payments on her Oregon ranch, which is difficult since she's heavily in debt. But she's a tough cookie, and proves that a steadfast attitude and an open heart go a long way in surviving the cold hearts and greed of the Scrooges around her.


Actress/actor Character
Reba McEntire Rose Cameron
Thomas Griffith Harry Withers
Ronny Cox Harlan Gotch
Devon Alan Toby Cameron
Philip Granger Bull Thatcher
Michael Puttonen Mr. Martino
Ronin Wong
Garett Beck Tilly
Michael Hogan Sheriff Pardue
Sheelah Megill Mrs. Mason
Alex Diakun Mr. Mason
Tom Shorthouse Dr. Nichols
Nicole Robert Millie Gotch
Peter LaCroix Kelsey
Laurie Murdoch Mr. Sweeny
Tom Heaton News Carver
Ralph Alderman Mr. Crowley
Sean Day Michael Clifford
Daniel Boileau Elmer
Simon Longmore Reporter
Eleana Johnson Gotch's secretary
J. Douglas Stewart Bartender
David Longworth Detective
Linden Banks Man
Carolyn Tweedle Woman

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