"Sewer Gators, Swordplay, Santa from Hell!" is the Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom The Naked Truth, produced and aired as the twelvth episode of its first season.


The holidays are anything but happy for Nora:

  • She's stuck in a sewer looking for giant alligators
  • She misses her family
  • And her slip of the lip with "the Comet's" owner has just cost Camilla her job by revealing that she let scruples persuade her not to publish Chelsea Clinton's private diary.


Téa LeoniNora Wilde
Holland TaylorCamilla Dane
Jonathan PennerNicky Columbus
Amy RyanChloe Banks
Jack BlessingMr. Donner
Mark RobertsDave Fontaine
Darryl SivadT.J.
Tim CurryRudolph Hailey
Wendy Cutler
Vince Melocchi


  • Alien: The insides of a turkey are described as looking like the alien chestburster.

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