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"Sisters At Heart" is the fifth and final Christmas episode of the ABC fantasy sitcom Bewitched, aired in the show's seventh season. It's remembered most of all for a light sitcom tackling the very real-world issues of prejudice and racism.


As Christmas approaches, Tabitha instantly hits it off with Lisa Wilson, her parents' friends' daughter (overseas for the holidays), to the point they wish they could be real sisters. Even though they are told that their differing races mean they can't be sisters, they cite the loving messages of the season and determine to change what they see as unacceptable. But for once, even the spell Tabitha casts to try and make this true is not the real problem. When a bigoted client of MacMahon and Larry sees Lisa and thinks she is his daughter as well, he demands that Darrin be removed from his account, if not fired. In the end, Larry, in a break from his traditional characterization as greedy and controlling, calmly takes the client aside and flatly tells him, "We don't do business with bigots." With that Christmas miracle under their belts, the Stephens celebrate a very happy holiday.


  • At the episode's beginning (at least in its initial broadcast), Elizabeth Montgomery appears dressed as Samantha on the set but out-of-character, asking viewers to watch the episode for its important message.

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