Slyly is a arctic fox who serve as a tritagonist in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie.

He is first seen after Rudolph leaves home and decides to stay in the same cave Slyly is. At first Slyly tries to get Rudolph to leave but after being easily defeated by him decides to let him stay and sings "It Could Be Worse". Slyly sees Rudolph's nose light up, but fortunately doesn't ridicule him, but does laugh along with Rudolph when the latter tells him all things others have said about his nose.

The next day the cave collapses but luckily Slyly and Rudolph are able to escape and begin to look for a new home. They find another cave but it is already inhabited by a polar bear named Leonard so Slyly tricks him into leaving but an angry Leonard returns but when Rudolph explains their reasons for being there so Leonard lets them stay.

Later Slyly goes with Rudolph and Leonard to rescue Rudolph's friend Zoey from Stormella but gets cold feet and stays behind whilst Rudolph and Leonard go on ahead. Slyly eventually plucks up the courage to follow his friends and finds them along with Zoey locked up in cells so he sneaks into Stormella's room and takes her keys to the cells and frees the others. After a brief confrontation with Stormella, Slyly helps save her after Rudolph's nose lights up and causes her to fall over a cliff.

Slyly along with the others arrive at Santa's village where he watches Rudolph lead Santa and the other reindeer through the storm. Near the end of the film as a gift, Rudolph gives Slyly his childhood teddy bear.


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