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Snow 2: Brain Freeze is a ABC Family Christmas-themed movie that premiered on December 14, 2008, as part of the channel's annual 25 Days of Christmas event. As the title suggests, it is a sequel to the 2004 ABC TV movie Snow.


It's three days before Christmas, and coming up to Nick & Sandy Snowden's first anniversary both of their marriage and in their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, taking over from Nick's now deceased parents, Kris & Marilyn. They promised to give each other some time for just themselves as a family at Christmas, but Nick seems to have forgotten that in his anxiousness to get Christmas right for all that are counting on him. An argument results in Nick storming off via the method he travels the world without his sleigh, through mirrors. Arriving at the other end of his chosen destination, Nick gets knocked on the head and suffers from amnesia. Sandy learns of Nick's plight through the media, and knows that she has to try and rescue him within the next few days to save Christmas, and despite she not having the powers and magic that he has… or at least just not knowing the secrets. She also learns that even if she does find him, she has to let Nick learn on his own who he is and about their life as Mr. and Mrs. Claus for Nick to regain his Christmas magic. Someone else who sees Nick's story on the television news is Buck Seger, who always mistakenly saw Sandy as his girlfriend until Nick stole her away from him. As such, Buck senses an opportunity for his revenge especially against Nick, who would not remember who he is. Something else that affects all their stories is why Nick decided to travel to the home of elderly Henry Mays after his and Sandy's argument, and what Henry has to do with bringing some meaning of Christmas back into Nick's life. In the process, Nick & Henry may be able to do the same for a young street kid named Ryan.



Actor/actress Character(s)
Tom Cavanagh Nick Snowden (adult)
Scott Morasch Nick Snowden (young adult)
Jake Church Nick Snowden (young boy)
Ashley Williams Sandy Brooks
Lynley Hall Hip-hop teacher
Janelle Cooper Kaitlin Mays
Viv Leacock Gustavo
Hal Williams Henry Mays
Chantal Perron TV news reporter
Irene Karas Nurse
Patrick Fabian Buck Seger
Patrick Richards Drunk guy
Jonathan Holmes Galfrid
Wally Houn Janitor
Ron Barge Old man
Alexander Conti Ryan
Brian Martell Business man
Khari Jones
Sean Hoy
James D. Hopkin Park Santa
David LeReaney Chris
Rebecca Toolan Marilyn
John Dylan Louie (uncredited) Orderly
Daniel Onerheim (uncredited) Paramedic

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