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Snowglobe is a 2007 ABC Family original movie, premiered on December 15, 2007 as part of their 25 Days of Christmas programming block.


Angela Moreno loves Christmas more than anything. However, her family doesn't share her love for the holiday at all. When she is about to break down because of her family, she receives a snowglobe in the mail. When she opens up the snowglobe, she is transported into the world inside, where Christmas is the heart and soul for everyone who lives there. She discovers she can return to her world by going down a small path in the small forest at the edge of the village, and can return whenever she winds up the snowglobe. After a long set of visits to the globe, she accidentally gets trapped inside.



Song title Performed by
"My Only Wish (This Year)" Britney Spears
"Sleigh Ride" The Spice Girls
"What Christmas Means to Me" Hanson


Actress/actor Character
Christina Milian Angela Moreno
Erin Karpluk Claire
Hilda Doherty Mrs. Fionella
Jason Schombing Donny
James Kot Max
Andrew Krivanek Delivery man
Josh Cooke Eddie
Ennis Esmer Jamie
Lorraine Bracco Rose Moreno
Luciana Carro Gina Moreno
Ron Canada Antonio Moreno
Matt Keeslar Douglas
Christine Willes Joy
Kailin See Marie
Kevin Rothery Sheldon
Don Bland Burly security guard
Iain Dunbar Homeless man
Josh Garcia Extra
Dan McDougall Zoo patron


Snowglobe was released on DVD in the United States on October 7, 2008. It was re-released along with Holiday in Handcuffs on October 13, 2009.

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