"Something About a Christmas Miracle" is the Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom Something So Right, aired in the show's first season.


It's Christmas time and Carly is depressed because all the kids are leaving to spend the holidays with their other parents. Jack just wants to get everyone ready and out of the apartment building. His reason: on his way his car splattered their hapless neighbor, Mr. Sandzimeier, with water and caused him to fall down while carrying his groceries. Of course, Jack can't escape a confrontation with him. Later, with the kids gone, Carly wants to do something meaningful for Christmas, like take Mr. Sandzimeier for a carriage ride. When they knock on his apartment door, though, they find that they've woken him up from a much needed sleep now that he is getting ill from Jack's drenching. Carly and Jack return from their carriage ride to find a large puppy in the elevator. Carly insists they take it in for the night against Jack's better judgment. They leave it in the living room for the night, where it proceeds to tear up the Christmas tree, decorations, presents, and an odd pillow or two. When Carly and Jack go door to door trying to locate its owner, it wrecks similar havoc elsewhere. Finally, it runs through an open door into Mr. Sandzimeier's apartment, where Carly and Jack are surprised to find he is actually pleased to see it. But since this is Mr. Sandzimeier, there's no doubt something will go wrong.

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