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"Sometimes There's No Bottom in the Bottle" is the first Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Good Times, produced and aired as the thirteenth episode of the show's second season.


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Cousin Naomi is visiting the Evans family for the Christmas season and the whole time she has been there has been spent in the bathroom. However, her visit is not a happy one for Thelma, who discovers that she is hiding a serious drinking problem. Meanwhile, the rest of the Evans family prepares for holiday festivities.


Actress/actor Character
Esther Rolle Florida Evans
John Amos James Evans, Sr.
Ja'net Du Bois Willona Woods
Ralph Carter* Michael Evans
Jimmie Walker J.J.
Bernnadette Stanis Thelma Evans
Bonnie Banfield Naomi Wilson
Albert Reed Oscar Wilson
Marguerite Ray Millie Wilson

Ralph Carter courtesy of the Broadway musical "Raisin"

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