Southtown's dog catcher is a minor character featured in The Year Without a Santa Claus. He acquires an unattended Vixen as she lays in the shade of a tree. Not knowing that she is actually a reindeer disguised as a dog to suppress suspicion, the dog catcher takes her to the pound despite Jingle and Jangle's shouts and screams of protest. The elves later try to reacquire their "pet", but don't have the money to bail her out.

Later, when Santa Claus arrives, he secures bail for the doe and takes her back to the North Pole to recover from an illness. The dog catcher is surprised to find Vixen is actually a reindeer and asks Santa as to whether they should be up north. Santa tells him he's right, and Vixen is not used to the warm weather in Southtown, hench why she's so ill and he needs to get her home before she gets worse. As he lifts Vixen up on his shoulders and prepares to head out, he asks about if anyone comes asking about her, and the dog catcher tells him about Jingle and Jangle being by earlier, but he redirected them to the Mayor when they couldn't pay Vixen's fine. He then sees Santa off as he departs on Dasher to return to the North Pole with Vixen.

The dog catcher is one of the few people who actually sees Santa fly on his reindeer while supposedly working undercover.

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