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"Spinach Greetings" is an episode of the 1960s television series, Popeye the Sailor, and the third Christmas media adaption of the Popeye franchise. Its title is a pun on the famous Christmas quote "Season's Greetings!"


The Sea Hag, determined to make everyone as miserable as herself, sinks lower than she has ever sunk, and kidnaps Santa Claus! With the aid of her vile vulture, she whisks him out of his Christmas Eve delivery, and makes the him watch as she smashes his presents one by one. He is tied up and reduced to tears.

In the meantime, Olive and Wimpy listen as Popeye puts Swee'Pea to bed by reading The Night Before Christmas, mercilessly mangled by his loose command of the English language. A mouse in the house even nails his own mini-stocking by the fireplace upon hearing the "mouse" line, where Wimpy plays a scam by having a hole in his and a bin beneath it. The adults hear a noise and hide, assuming it's Santa. They instead find the wreckage of his sleigh-plane, and a feather from the Sea Hag's vulture.

Making his way to the Sea Hag's hideout, Popeye is set upon by her evil pets. The vulture flies off with him, only to return served on a platter with all the trimmings like a Thanksgiving turkey. Two alligators awaiting him in a trap-doored pit end up as holiday vacation luggage. Popeye of course saves the day and a bawling Sea Hag is soon in for an eternity of coal.

Repairing his sleigh-plane at Popeye's, Santa fills all the stockings, even to the mouse's cheese and Wimpy's present bin. With Swee'Pea awake to see him off, a smiling Santa wishes Popeye and his friends a Merry Christmas To All as he resumes his yearly delivery.



Voice actor Character
Jack Mercer Popeye
Mae Questel Olive Oyl
Sea Hag

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