Spot's Magical Christmas is a Christmas special based on the Spot storybook series by Eric Hill. In this story, Spot goes on a quest to find Santa's missing sleigh.

Voice Cast

UK Version

  • Calum Nielsen - Spot
  • Josie Lawrence - Sally/Helen
  • Paul Nicolas - Sam/Spot (vocal effects; archival)
  • Philip Pope - Tom
  • Steve Steen - Steve
  • Steve Frost - Reindeer #1
  • Lee Cornes - Reindeer #2
  • Andrew McGibbon - Father Christmas

US Version

  • Ryan O'Donohue - Spot
  • Tress MacNeille - Sally/Helen/Reindeer #2
  • Corey Burton - Sam/Steve/Tom
  • Jim Cummings - Santa Claus/Reindeer #1
  • Calum Nielsen - Spot (vocal effects)
  • Paul Nicolas - Spot (vocal effects; archival)

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