Squidward as Santa in "Christmas Who?"


Squidward as Winter Squidler in "The 12 Days of Nickmas".

Squidward Tentacles is a character from the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a grumpy octopus who lives in an Easter Island head next door to SpongeBob, whose antics he detests.

Appearances in Christmas specials

SpongeBob SquarePants

In the series' first Christmas special, "Christmas Who?", when SpongeBob tells everyone in Bikini Bottom about Santa Claus, Squidward is the only one who refuses to join everyone in celebrating Christmas because he does not believe in Santa Claus. When Santa does not come to Bikini Bottom, Squidward gloats about it to SpongeBob. SpongeBob, saddened by the fact that Santa never came, then presents Squidward with a Christmas gift he had made for him - a homemade clarinet. Squidward realizes what a jerk he has been to SpongeBob and dresses up as Santa in order to cheer him up. However, SpongeBob tells everyone in Bikini Bottom that Santa has arrived, and Squidward ends up giving away everything in his house to everybody. Afterwards, he receives a note from the real Santa, thanking him for spreading holiday cheer.

Squidward has a comparatively minor role in the series' second Christmas episode, "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" Although he now believes in Santa, he is still not very enthusiastic and would prefer that Santa leave him alone. Likely since he is already a grouchy character, he is also never shown eating or being affected by the jerktonium-laced fruitcake that SpongeBob gives out to everyone in Bikini Bottom. When SpongeBob notices how nasty everyone has become, he initially asks Squidward for help, but Squidward refuses and suggests he go ask Sandy instead. Immediately following this, Squidward is then attacked by Toybob, Plankton's evil SpongeBob robot, and is later seen reluctantly taking part in SpongeBob's song, "Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas)".

Other Christmas productions

Squidward also appeared alongside his co-stars in the Merry Nickmas interstitial shorts. In "Holiday Party" and "The 12 Days of Nickmas", he appears as Winter Squidler (a parody of the Winter Warlock from Santa Claus is Comin' to Town). He also makes a cameo, in an unusually festive mood, as one of the citizens of Toonville in "How the You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!"

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