Ah, this is the bestest Jingle Jangle Day ever.

— Pappy, at the end of the episode.

"Starry Starry Night" is the first Christmas episode of CBC/Nelvana's CGI-animated developed-for-television show Rolie Polie Olie.


The episode starts at the Polie house on Jingle Jangle Days Eve decorating the Polie Jingle Jangle tree for Jingle Jangle Day. Zowie finds a star named Starry inside the box of decorations. It was Pappy's special ornament that has been on top on every Polie Jingle Jangle tree since he was a little sprocket. He asks Olie if he wanted to clip Starry on the tree this year, but he lets Zowie do it. Too excited to put Starry on the tree, she accidently breaks it in half. Everyone was disappointed, especially Zowie, but Pappy comfronts her by saying that it was an accident. Olie puts Starry in the box, and Zowie asks him if Pappy if he could fix it, but the pieces were too old and brittle to put back together. Zowie was very upset, and Pappy tries to confront, but it was beddy time. Suddenly, Olie had an idea.

During beddy time, Olie and Spot sneak into Zowie's room to tell her that they can get Klanky Klaus to fix Starry by writing him a note and telling him what happened.

After writing the note, Olie and Zowie go to the living room to wait for Klanky Klaus to come. Few minutes later, Klanky Klaus arrives and Spot brings him the note that fell out of Olie's hand and shows him the broken decoration and he fixes it.

The next morning, it is Jingle Jangle day and Olie and Zowie wake up to find out that the note was gone and Starry was back on the tree all fixed. Pappy, Mr. and Mrs. Polie come in and Olie shows them that Starry was fixed and tells them what happened, and Zowie and Pappy share a hug saying "Happy Jingle Jangle Day" to each other ending the episode.

Voice cast

Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Cole Caplan Olie
Kristen Bone Zowie
Catherine Disher Mrs. Polie
Adrian Truss Mr. Polie
Len Carlson Pappy
Howard Jerome Klanky Klaus
Robert Smith Spot


This episode was released on the A Rolie Polie Christmas VHS in 2000 by Walt Disney Home Video along with "Jingle Jangle Days Eve". They were later released on the Olie's Winter Wonderland DVD by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on November 4, 2003 and the A Rolie Polie Christmas DVD by Kaboom! Entertainment on Feburary 28, 2006.

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