Steven "Steve" Claus is a supporting character in the 2011 film Arthur Christmas. He is the son and eldest child of Malcolm and Margaret Claus, the older brother of Arthur, and the eldest grandson of Grandsanta.

Steve is in charge of mission control and is aided by an elf named Peter, and hoped to succeed his father Malcolm as the next Santa. But at the end of the film, he gives up his title to Arthur after deciding that his brother is more worthy as the next Santa than him and instead becomes Chief Operating Officer.


  • He is often mistaken as a villain,this is false since he did not do anything evil.
  • So far Steve only has four contacts on his HOHO'S list:
  1. Lapland Hair
  2. Santa Claus (Father)
  3. Peter
  4. The S1,
  • In the Art of Arthur Christmas book, It's been revealed that during reading the job article Steve would've applied to either the British railways or FedEx.
  • Lapland is a real town in Finland infact it's also where Santa's village is, it's possible that in the film's universe it's a secret town and it appears that Steve goes to the town's hair salon for his hair treatment.
  • Steve might be a fan of the Versace clothing line.
  • For some reason Steve likes to sit on his bed while still wearing his boots.
  • According from the Art of making Arthur Christmas, Steve's bedroom is a mix of a rich boy's room and some Asian Feng Shui.
  • Some older fans do notice that in Steve's green lava lamp in the shape of a Christmas tree, which is one of the few famous items for a bachelor's pad.
  • Steve shares many similarities with King Julian a character from the Madagascar franchise:
    • Both are vain.
    • Both have an assistant.
    • Both would be annoyed and creeped out by his assistant.
    • Both do know that his assistant harbor feelings for him but Steve and King Julian don't feel the same way infact they find it annoying and embarrassing.
    • Both Steve and King Julian don't really like his assistant touching him: Steve doesn't like Peter touching his hands and King Julian doesn't like Mort touching his feet.
    • Both are get very uncomfortable when his assistant is flirting with him.


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