"Stoopid Santa" is the Christmas-themed episode of Teletoon's game show Skatoony, produced and aired as the fourth episode of its second season.


Charles (Tony in UK) blows all of the money that the studio uses for prizes on an expensive summer vacation, so Chudd, Earl and the contestants (including guest star Zoey) must convince Santa Claus (who is a contestant) that is Christmas, so they can get a present to use as a prize for the Winner. Will he believe them or will they end up on the Naughty List?


  • Iris (Kid) (Skatoony Champion)
  • Zoey (Toon) (Total Drama Guest Star) (Eliminated at Round 2)
  • Kathryn (Kid) (Eliminated at Round 2)
  • Santa Claus (Toon) (Eliminated at Round 3)
  • Issac (Kid) (Eliminated at Round 1)
  • Ernie Einstein (Toon) (Eliminated at Round 1)

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