The 12 Days of Kidsmas

In this particular segment, an entire group of Kids TV characters, all rendered in live action style, sing to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. The lyrics are as follows:

All: On the 12th Day of Kidsmas, Kids TV have on TV...

Pelswick: Twelve dancing wheelchairs! (wheelchair is dancing)

Julie: Pelswick!

Caleb Smith: Eleven musical INSTRUMENTS!!

(is play instruments offscreen by Heather Smith and his clones)

Beatrice LaBove: Ten thousand places I'd rather be right now.

Kate and Bobby: Nine reindeer droppings! Hehehehehe!

Stacy Stickler and Bradley: Eight making pictures! (pictures fell down)

Someone offscreen: Watch out, Dil! (A portrait of Butch Hartman falls on Dil)

Dil: Seven thousand pounds, ugh...

Boyd Scullarzo: Six jamming children! (The children circling his head sting him) Ow!!

Sandra Scoddle: Five incredibly expensive golden rings!

Ken Spacer: Four space kidettes!

Patrick, Ryan, and Kelly: Three cans of hairspray! (spray themselves with said hairspray)

Bradley: Two turtles' love...

Stacy Stickler: Oh, Bradley!

All: And a star on a christmas tree!

Twinkle: Hmmm... pointy.
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