Tanta Kringle is a character from the Rankin/Bass Christmas television special Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. She is the Elf Queen and the head of the Kringle family, and the guardian of Kris Kringle when he was a child.

Tanta acts like a mother to the Kringle Brothers and helps them make toys. She tells Kris that they used to be the first royal toymakers to the last King of Sombertown, and they still love to make toys. However, ever since the King has died and was replaced by the despicable Burgermeister Meisterburger, the siblings are upset that the toys are just piling up instead of being given to children since they cannot pass by the Winter Warlock, who was thought to be mean and hateful.

When Kris was a boy, he said that he would deliver the toys to the children. Tanta gives him the red Kringle outfit that his later outfit was based on. To make things better, Kris gave a toy to the Winter Warlock, who then became a friend to him and allowed the Kringles enough land to make toys so that Kris can deliver to the children of Sombertown. Unfortunately, this only infuriates the Burgermeister to arrest the Kringles and the Warlock for defying his new laws banning toys. Eventually, the Kringles and the Warlock escape, and they become outlaws. To avoid the Burgermeister and his troops, Tanta suggests that Kris return to his birth name "Claus" due to safety reasons.

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