"Tex's Terrible Night" is the Christmas episode of the Filmation series BraveStarr, based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


Tex Hex is planning to use the absence of Marshal Bravestarr to take over town on Christmas Day. Against Tex's will, the Shaman shows him his past and his love for Ursula, a woman who left him when he became an outlaw, and who has since married someone else. Tex tries to shrug off Shaman's moral lessons, but the long-ago loss of Ursula and the choices that led to this still haunt him. When his master Stampede's latest scheme comes to threaten this woman while she travels into town, he himself thwarts the scheme in time. Tex does not change his ways or reform, but for that moment, the heart and love he once had is enough to turn back the evil in him. In the closing moral sequence, Marshal BraveStarr even comments that viewers should not expect Tex to change permanently.

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