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"Thank You, Santa" is the third song from Santa Claus (1985). Sung and shown briefly during the montage sequence, and featuring a never-sung third verse, presented here for the first time, it is the only Bricusse/Mancini song featured in the Santa Claus soundtrack of which the lyricist is extremely proud. It is not to be confused with the song of the same name from Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!


Christmas is the best of days.
Who's the happy cause?
It's our fav'rite person, mine and yours
Santa gives to all of us all he has to give.
Santa really knows the way to live! (Live, live, live!)

Thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
When it snows, we know you're near.
We want to thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
So nice to know you're comin' back next year

He belongs to ev'ryone if we share for sure
Santa is forever
Ev'rywhere, evermore
Santa Claus is ours because he's the friend we need.
Santa is our friend in word and deed! (Indeed, indeed, indeed!)

[Chorus, but the last line is replaced with]
We like Christmas 20 times a year.

Christmas is our fav'rite day,
and we know the cause:
It's our fav'rite person, mine and yours
Santa Claus is on his way!
Gonna be here soon!
See his sleigh and reindeer cross the Moon! (Soon, soon, soon!)

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