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"That Was Yesterday" is a song from Cricket on the Hearth. It's when Bertha tells her father that he has to begin to accept that she's a woman, and not a little girl anymore.


That Was Yesterday


Lullabies and fairytales;
Pinafores, piano scales;
Satin bows and cheeks of rose
That was yesterday

Little girl upon your knee
That was what I used to be
Bunny nose but heaven knows
That was yesterday

So look up, your little girl's a lady
With a weighty problem
Daddy is her problem
He thinks she's still a child

[Repeat 2x]

Carousels and wishing wells
Golden shoes with silver bells
Starry eyes and cherry pies
That was yesterday



  • On Freeform, the song along with "Through My Eyes" was shortened for time, with one lyric said one time.