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The Angel Doll is a 2002 Christmas movie directed and written for the screen by Alexander Johnston, based on the novel The Angel Doll: A Christmas Story by Jerry Bledsoe.


The story of two small town boys from different sides of the tracks: 1950s childhood and self redemption. Young "Whitey" Black (so called because of a tuft of blanched hair on the left side of his head) lives in poverty with his single mother and ailing 4-year-old sister, Sandy. Just across town, young Jerry Barlow lives the advantages of a middle class lifestyle with both parents and his younger brother. When mischief casts Whitey and Jerry into a shared paper route, Jerry quickly learns of Whitey's desire to buy Sandy an angel doll for Christmas. Even though no such dolls exist in their hometown, Whitey, Jerry, and a host of colorful characters set out in search of Sandy's gift. Along the way, reversals of fortune, theft, prejudice, and ultimately, the boys' friendship opens their eyes to the vastness of the small town around them.


Actress/actor Character
Betsy Brantley Mary Barlow
Beatrice Bush Pearl Cumberland
Pat Hingle Noah Roudabush
Gil Johnson Jack Barlow (young)
Michael Welch Jerry Barlow (little)
Keith Carradine Jerry Barlow (adult)
Nick Searcy Col. Brandeis
Cody Newton Whitey Black
Diana Scarwid Fronia Black
Nick Angel Santa
Don Henderson Baker Somber man
Calleigh Crumpler Emily
John Copeman Milkman Woodrow Jones
Christian Durango Randy Clark
Cordereau Dye Let Cumberland
Kate Finlayson Pageant director
Kelly Jones Gabriele Mrs. Edwards
Lindsey Good Sandy Black
Deborah Hobart Rose Clark
John Keenan Emily's Dad
Chuck Kinlaw Stump Parker
Bubba Lewis Billy Barnes
Robin Mullins Mrs. Barnes
Joanne Pankow Nurse
Suzanne Pavlat St. Jude patient
Nina Repeta Clerk
Leslie Riley Emily's mom
Dakota Smith Bobby Rink
L.H. Smith Theatre manager
Patrick Stogner Larry Barlow
Larry Tobias Otis Madger
Suellen Yates Linda Barlow
Derek Chandler Military Police
Madeline Crow
Giancarlo D'Alessandro (uncredited) Boy drinking cheerwine
Sage Griffin (uncredited) Boy in Hospital

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