The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue is an American 1996 television film directed by Robert Ellis Miller, notably the last film he directed before his death on January 27, 2017. It was nominated for two Young Artist Awards in 1997. The film was completed days before actor Robert Urich had surgery for cancer.


During the Great Depression, an unemployed Detroit man is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, prompting his three children to travel 1,000 miles to the White House in search of help from President Herbert Hoover in order to have their father home for Christmas.


  • Diana Scarwid as Annie Feagan
  • Robert Urich as Angus Feagan
  • Tegan Moss as Bernice Feagan
  • Britt Irvin as Lily Feagan
  • Alexander Pollock as Jack Feagan
  • Camille Mitchell as Margaret
  • Thomas Peacocke as President Herbert Hoover
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