The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas

The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas is NBC's animated Christmas TV special, adapted by Larry Spiegel and John Barrett, the latter of whom wrote the original story it is based on. A DFE Films production, the special, starring the voices of Tommy Smothers, Arte Johnson and Barbara Feldon, with narration by Casey Kasem, was originally premiered on December 17, 1973. It was then followed, nearly 10 years later, in 1983 by the Halloween special The Great Bear Scare.


The story focuses on Theodore Edward Bear (Ted E. Bear for short) who is curious about Christmas, and who decides to go searching for it while the other bears hibernate for winter.


Voice actor/actress Character
Robert Holt Santa Claus
Kelly Lange Weather Bear
Michael Bell Honey Bear
Casey Kasem Narrator
Caryn Paperny Girl
Arte Johnson Professor Werner von Bear
Tom Smothers Ted Edward Bear
Barbara Feldon Patti Bear
Gene Andrusco (uncredited) Mechanical Bird

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