Yes kids, we lied about Santa, but Jesus is for real.

— Church sign gag

The Best Christmas Ever is the Christmas special of the Adult Swim's stop-mo show Moral Orel, and also the series premiere (though it is the tenth episode in production order). It is co-directed & written by show creator Dino Stamatopoulos, together with voice actors/co-directors/staff writers/co-EPs Scott Adsit and Jay Johnston.


On Christmas Eve, Orel learns of the Second Coming of Jesus, and that he may already be on this Earth, though not as nice as before.

After overhearing his parents discussing his younger, terribly spoiled brother Shapey's unplanned birth, Orel believes Shapey to be the reborn Jesus; in truth, his mother was impregnated with Shapey in an extramarital affair, and she plans to divorce her husband.

On Christmas morning, Orel does everything he can to make Shapey happy. In the process, Shapey ends up destroying a manger scene and Orel joins him. This is called to his mother's attention, and she tells him about the divorce.

That night, Orel sees his father drowning his sorrows at the local pub. Orel remarks that this may not have been the best Christmas ever, but also that there are two minutes left until both Christmas is over and the episode ends, and that he has complete faith that God will fix everything. He piously stares up at the heavens waiting for divine intervention which, it is implied, never comes.


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Scott AdsitClay Puppington
Britta PhillipsBloberta Puppington
Miss Sculptham
Nurse Blinkless
Carolyn LawrenceOrel Puppington
Jay JohnstonCoach Stopframe
Mr. Figurelli
Miss Censordall
William SalyersReverend Putty
Tigger StamatopoulosShapey Puppington

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