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VeggieTales - The Best Christmas Gift OFFICIAL TRAILER

VeggieTales - The Best Christmas Gift OFFICIAL TRAILER


The cover for the SD DVD release.

"The Best Christmas Gift" is the upcoming Christmas episode of the direct-to-video series The VeggieTales Show, which serves as the show's premiere episode, which will premiere Digital & DVD on October 22, 2019, with TBN, the exclusive broadcasting rights holder of the Big Idea catalog, premiering it on November 2019. This is Big Idea's first Christmas production in five years since the VeggieTales episode "Beauty and the Beet".


Bob and Larry are preparing for their first Christmas show in Mr. Nezzer’s theater and the show seems to be headed for disaster. Bob begins to wonder how to celebrate Christmas when everything is going wrong. It’s only when the Veggies go back to the very first Christmas, where times were tough and things didn’t seem to be working out, that they all learn the promise of Christmas – God is with us. It’s a timeless story of hope that every family will enjoy!


This episode includes two all new Silly Song Remixes:


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Phil VischerBob the Tomato
Jimmy Gourd
Archibald Asparagus
Mr. Lunt
Phillipe Pea
Mike NawrockiLarry the Cucumber
Jerry Gourd
Jean-Claude Pea
Lisa VischerJunior Asparagus
Stephanie SoutherlandMadame Blueberry
Kira BucklandPetunia
David MannMr. Nezzer



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