The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a 1983 TV special based on the best-selling children's book of the same name, written by Barbara Robinson. Beth Bradley, played by a young Fairuza Balk, narrates periodically throughout the story. Loretta Swit plays Beth's mother, Grace, who is roped into directing the annual church Christmas pageant by her fellow church ladies. When the rambunctious Herdman kids bully their way into the pageant, taking all the lead roles for themselves, everyone is sure that the production will be a disaster. But the results are far from what anyone expected, and the lives of all those involved are remarkably changed.


  • Loretta Swit: Grace Bradley
  • Fairuza Balk: Beth Bradley
  • David Alexander: Charlie Bradley
  • Jackson Davies: Bob Bradley
  • Ocean Hellman: Alice Wendelkin
  • Megan Hunt: Imogene Herdman
  • Jason Micus: Leroy Herdman
  • Teri Dean: Gladys Herdman
  • Beau Heaton: Claude Herdman
  • Shane Punt: Ollie Herdman
  • Glen Reid: Ralph Herdman
  • Janet Wright: Helen Armstrong
  • Anthony Holland: Reverend Hopkins

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