The Big Bad Wolf is a fictional wolf who originated as a villain in several precautionary folkloric stories, including Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, and Peter and the Wolf. In each of these stories, he is always attempting to catch and eat the protagonists of the stories, but is defeated or killed in each one. As such, he is often a regular character in productions based on these tales as well as their spin-off material. Arguably the most famous version of the Wolf is the Disney character Zeke Midas Wolf, first seen in the 1933 Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs; Zeke would go on to appear in a few more animated shorts against the Pigs, and later starred in comic book stories alongside his son, Li'l Bad Wolf (who is actually a nice wolf in spite of the name). Other interpretations sometimes cast the Wolf as a good guy, such as in the Shrek films.

Due to the many different interpretations of the Big Bad Wolf, he, like Santa Claus and Rudolph, differs in portrayal in each of the Christmas specials that he appears in.

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