The Carol Project is a Bravo TV musical special, based on the 1996 musical of the same name from the novel entitled A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, that was originally premiered on December 20, 2006.

Original songs

TitleWritten by
"Bad, Bad Man"Tom Roschkov
"Bah Hum Bug"Bill Bourne
"Wings of the Wind"Kevin Cook
"When Times Were Good"Terry Morrison
"Promise"Dale Ladouceur
"See Yourself Through Their Eyes"T. Morrison
"When There's Nothing at All"Al Brant
"The Men Who Toil"Ken Brown
"Beware Scrooge"Al Brant
"Grace"B. Bourne
D. Ladouceur
& Bill Hobson
"Higher Place"Tom Roschkov
"Down on My Knees, Oh Jacob"B. Bourne, T. Morrison,
and Maria Dunn
"God Bless Us Everyone"M. Dunn
"Bob Cratchit's Raise"


Subject to be updated

Bill BourneEbenezer Scrooge
Al BrantGhost of Christmas Present
Kenneth BrownThe Narrator
Kevin CookGhost of Jacob Marley
Maria DunnTiny Tim
Bill HobsonHimself (Drummer)
Dale LadouceurAlice
The Ghost of Christmas Future
Terry MorrisonGhost of Christmas Past
Tom RoschkovBob Cratchit
Theresa DextraseFeatured 'wraith'

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