"The Case of the Counterfeit Christmas "is the Christmas-themed episode of the ABC show Treasury Men in Action.


Fake dolls of a certain type are being brought to America by a team of smugglers, who, on bringing the dolls to America, modify them so that they wear American clothing, and then substitute them for a shipment of actual dolls of the same type, which they sell on the black market for money. The fake dolls are highly flammable and so, in his role as head of customs and Exise, the Chief (Walter Greaza) sends an agent to locate the warehouse where the fake dolls are processed. After a systematic search on his part, the agent finally locates the building and sees to the arrest of the American criminals partially responsible for the fake dolls.


Sadly, this episode is lost , but the plan was to repeat it every Christmas, so it was likely recorded. The episode is based on a real life case from the files of the Treasury; I have no idea what the actual plot was about and so l have made a reasonable guess based on the 1980's fake Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

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