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The Cat in the Hat Christmas DVD

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas! is a hour-long winter holiday special of the Treehouse animated show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, that premiered direct-to-video in the U.S. on October 30, 2012.


The Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Nick help the lost reindeer to return to Freeze Your Knees Snowland on time. There they meet an elephant, a dolphin, and a crab, but they found a stuck gerbil inside the Thing-a-ma-jigger.


  • "Party of the Year"
  • "In Time for Christmas"
  • "Together We Get the Job Done"
  • "In Time for Christmas" (reprise)
  • "Crabby Christmas"
  • "In Time for Christmas" (second reprise)
  • "In Time for Christmas" (finale)


Voice actor/actress Character
Martin Short The Cat in the Hat
Alexa Torrington Sally
Jacob Ewanluk Nick
Rob Tinkler Fish
Thing 1
Thing 2
Secondary characters
John Cleland
Stacie Fox
Robert Hawke
Tracey Hoyt
Julie Lemieux
Andrea Martin
Shawn Meunier
Annick Obonsawin
Naomi Snieckus
Natalie Toriel
Danny Wells
Additional character(s)

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