The Christmas Brigade (a.k.a.The Christmas Light 2) is the feature-length computer animation written, produced & directed by Michael DeVitto. It is dedicated to the Andover High Class of 1997.

Voice Cast

Voice actress/actor Character(s)
Amy D'Onofrio Jennifer
Westley Schultz Santa Claus
Jamie Norton Burton
Doctor D
Additional characters
James Grotto Issac
Jennifer D'Onofrio Betty the Beatle


Music and Audio by Jeffery Parker
Select Christmas Music is Music Bakery Publishing (BMI) • Gene Michael Productions (BMI)

Original songs

Title Written by Sung by
"The Christmas Brigade"
Amy & Jennifer D'Onofrio
Michael DeVitto
Jeremy Parker
Jamie Norton
"A Beetles Only Got" Michael DeVitto Mala Bhattacharya
Amy & Jennifer D'Onofrio

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