The Christmas Brigade (aka The Christmas Light 2) is the feature-length computer animation written, produced & directed by Michael DeVitto. It is dedicated to the Andover High Class of 1997.

Voice Cast

Voice Actor/actressCharacter(s)
Amy D'OnofrioJennifer
Westley SchultzSanta Claus
Jamie NortonBurton
Doctor D
Additional characters
James GrottoIssac
Jennifer D'OnofrioBetty the Beatle


Music and Audio by Jeffery Parker
Select Christmas Music is Music Bakery Publishing (BMI) • Gene Michael Productions (BMI)


Song Written by Sung by
"The Christmas Brigade" Amy D'Onofrio
Jennifer D'Onofrio
Michael DeVitto
Jeremy Parker
Amy D'Onofrio
Jennifer D'Onofrio
Jamie Norton
"A Beetles Only Got" Michael DeVitto Mala Bhattacharya
Amy D'Onofrio
Jennifer D'Onofrio

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