The Christmas Clause is a 2008 made-for-TV movie. It was directed by George Erschbamer and written by Sheri Elwood.


Sophie is an over-worked and over-stressed wife and mother who wishes she could see how differently her life would have been had she made different choices. A department store Santa grants her wish, and she quickly regrets it, missing her family dearly. But going back to her old life is more complicated than simply wishing herself back, and she has to figure out the problem before she's trapped in her new not-so-wonderful life permanently.


Actor Character
Lea Thompson Sophie
Andrew Airlie Dave
Rachel Hayward Marcia
Doug Abrahams Santa Claus
Rick Ravanello Jake
Richard Ian Cox Morris
Fiona Martinelli Silvia
Jill Morrison Claire
Cashel Satchwell Nikki
Megan Charpentier Anna
Acacia Hilts JJ
Laura Mennell Jill
Jennifer Copping Barbara
Carly Washburn Ella
Andrew Francis Unconvincing elf
Christie Laing Salesgirl
Sandra Steier Spa guest

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