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The Christmas Dinosaur (Trailer)

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The Christmas Dinosaur is an animated direct-to-video Christmas special from PorchLight Entertainment's PorchLight Pictures division. While the pre-production work was done at the Auckland-based Slightly Off Beat Productions, the animation was created at the newly-established Escotoonz, the animation arm of the Faridabad-based Escorts.


The film opens on the mailman delivering a package for 10 year old Jason Barnes, which is revealed to be a present from his Aunt Tess. His parents forbid him from opening it until Christmas after he and his little brother, Tommy, ask if they can open it. At night, Jason starts thinking about what is in the mysterious box and vows to find out. He believes it to be a RoboSaurus.

Over the weekend, while Tommy is watching Adventures of Cozy Cub, Jason sneaks the present up to his room and opens it, only to discover a petrified dinosaur egg inside. His brother comes in and asks about it as Jason tries to figure out which dinosaur the egg belongs to. The egg mysteriously rolls downstairs, causing Jason to conclude they should wrap it back up. As they attempt to put the egg back in the box, they discover the egg is not petrified, and is hatching. Inside is a baby pterosaur, which they give the name Spot because of a large green spot on his back. Tommy struggles to hide Spot upstairs while Jason wraps the broken shells and puts the box back under the tree. The boys hide Spot from their parents in their backyard treehouse.

Every day after school, they play with Spot as he gets bigger and bigger in size. Christmas Eve rolls around and Spot doesn't feel well. Jason reverts back to the card included from the egg, which reads "Taken From Dinosaur Glen, Deep In The Rocky Mountains". Jason decides to fly on Spot to see if that's where Spot is from. Hidden behind a waterfall is an untouched dinosaur sanctuary that is supposedly Spot's home. The next morning on Christmas, Aunt Tess arrives just as their cover of Spot is blown. It is revealed that Spot has grown to his full size. All of a sudden, a bunch of dinosaurs crowd the street as 3 other pterosaurs fly in, revealed to be Spot's family. They say their final goodbyes and that they will miss him. The film ends with the dinosaurs returning back to where they came from.



Voice actress/actor Character(s)
Jules de Jongh
Tom Eastwood
Anjella Mackintosh
Jo Ruiz Rodriguez
Ben Small
Mike Rodriguez Spot

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