The Christmas Light is "the first Computer Animated Christmas Story". It's the last Computer Animated video before the pre-Pixar era ends with the theatrical release of Toy Story, in which they are capitalized to tie-in with the movie. Starting the voice of Dan Haggerty as the Narrator and Written & Directed by Michael DeVitto, who also involved on the original songs with musician Jeremy Parker, it is produced by Deos Video, Inc., distributed by Simitar Entertainment, and is dedicated to the Next Generation, with special thanks to Paul Quintal and Ken Dee.


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Dan HaggertyNarrator
Evan DeeJeffrey
Amy D'OnofrioJennifer
James GrottoIssac
Jamie NortonBurton
Jerry LonerganSanta Claus
The Snowman


Music Performed By Jermey Parker
Select Christmas Music is: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)

Original Songs

Song Title Written by Sung by
"The Christmas Light" Michael DeVito Amy D'Onofrio
"I'm the One" M. DeVitto
Jeremy Parker
Jamie Norton
"The Snowman's Song" A. D'Onofrio
Jerry Lonergan

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