The Christmas List is a made-for-TV movie starring Mimi Rogers, originally broadcast as part of the Family Channel's 25 Days of Christmas on December 1, 1997. It was directed by Charles Jarrott.


Melody Parris works at a perfume counter in a department store, dreaming of opening her own shop someday. She has an uncanny ability to distinguish any brand of perfume simply by its scent. She uses this ability to help customers choose the perfect fragrance. She is engaged, but her fiancé is a rigid bore, and the rest of her family tests her patience. She makes out a wildly unrealistic Christmas wishlist, which her friend and co-worker Naomi playfully snatches and deposits in the mailbox at the store's Santa display. Soon, she begins to get everything she wished for.

Danny comes to her counter trying to find the brand of perfume that his mother, who is deceased, used to wear. When Melody helps him figure it out, he can't afford to buy a bottle to have to remember her by. Seeing how upset he is, Melody loans him the amount he is short. In return for her kindness, he enters her name in the store's giveaway for a brand new car (one of her wishlist items). When she wins, as a store employee she should be ineligible, but she ends up sharing the car with Danny's father, David. Her fiancé George is not pleased. Neither is David's fiancée Faith.


Actor Character
Mimi Rogers Melody Parris
Rob Stewart Dr. David Skyler
Stella Stevens Natalie Parris
Bill Switzer Danny Skyler
Enuka Okuma Naomi
Jano Frandsen George
Madison Graie April May
Andrew Johnston Mr. Garnett
George Pilgrim ?
Marla Maples Faith
Tony Griffin Eric Katz
Gary Hetherington Daumier
Tanja Reichart Suzie
Anne Farquhar Caroline
Paul Raskin Ted
Brandon Magas Josh
Charlotte Sander Kristy
Stefania Ciccone Cynthia Mottola
Andrew McIllroy Maitre D'
Anthony Ulc Officer Moriarty
Jenny Mitchell Bank Teller
Tim Bissett Jewelery salesman
Alvin Sanders Ben
B.J. Harrison Liz
Rheta Hutton Flower Lady
Percy Hayes Santa
Greg Barr
Doreen Sugrue
Tamara Stanners Newswoman
Wendy Donaldson Impatient Shopper
Pamela Saidock
Jacqueline Kiniski
Randy Schooley Husband
Benita Ha Perfume Shopper
Sherry Thoreson
Amanda O'Leary
Christopher Danks Baby
Marc Gawthorp Piano Player

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