"The Christmas Present" is the fourth Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, aired in the show's fifth season.


The Clampetts are preparing for Christmas but are lacking in one thing: the Christmas spirit. Jed thinks it's because they aren't doing some special for anyone and that they should do so for Mrs. Drysdale, unaware that she is still trying to get rid of them. They try to get jobs to raise money for her gift so she doesn't find out. After they see the "high-fashion finery" she is donating to the rummage sale, they think she needs to sell her "nicest things" and decide to buy them back. After unsuccessfully searching in the paper, Jethro gets them jobs at a department store with him as Santa, Elly May as an elf, and Jed and Granny in retail. Even though they aren't the best workers, causing Mr. Drysdale's shoplifting arrest and giving clothes away, they raise money and Mrs. Drysdale's clothes back from the rummage sale. They give them back on Christmas Day.

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