The Christmas Project (working title: The Elving Project) is a direct-to-digital Christmas movie, based on Matthew Buckley's novel series.


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A writer looks back on his memorable 1986 Christmas, dealing with brothers, bullies, first love, pregnancy and family "elving."


All uncredited.


Actor/actress Character
Jacob Buster Matthew Buckley (young)
Anson Bagley Simon Buckley
Josh Reid Peter Buckley
Cooper Johnson John Buckley
Alison Akin Clark Pam Buckley
Brian Neal Clark Ralph Buckley
Grace Hallows Juniper Goodman
Evan Clark Allen Goodman
Caitlin Meyer-Stewart Monica Goodman
Gabe White Finn Hagbart
Skyler M. Day Feeb Hagbart
Caroline Labrum Fae Hagbart
Abigail Baugh Francie Hagbart
Michael Buster (voice) Matthew Buckley (adult)
Pam Eichner Mrs. Honeywell
Marlon Gaines Earl
Clint Pulver Morris
Ruth Roper Jennyrose
Aimee Johnson Lindsay
Brooklyn Villeneuve Melanie
Wyatt Black Sid Mosely
Ethan Blackham D.J. Mosely
Jarrod Phillips Stan Goodman
Jennifer Ruff Marjorie Goodman
Brian Carlson Newspaper Reporter
Kevin Woodward Mr. Hagbart
Casey Robertson Mr. Dinsmore
Melissa Cannon-Robertson Mrs. Dinsmore
James Longmore Delbert Dinsmore
Wyatt Longmore Donald Dinsmore
Kayli Brummer Apple Bobbing Girl
Lucy Bourne Mary Noelle Buckley
Bridget Farding

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