The Christmas Tree is a 1958 Hallmark Hall of Fame made-for-television film that was broadcast on NBC on December 14, 1958. It is based on the short story "An Affair at the Inn" by Charles J. Finger.


Ralph BellamyTheron
Ellen McRaeElizabeth
Toni CampbellJulia
Carol ChanningPromenade Member
Claudia CrawfordClaudia
Seth EdwardsWilly
Maurice EvansNarrator ('Gospel according to Mark:')
Margaret HamiltonMiss Finch
Nancy ParkerThe Doll
Bernadette PetersGirl
Tom PostonTom
Nick Powers
Dianne RameyBabbie
Cyril RitchardPromenade Member
William ShatnerPhilo
Hiram ShermanAlbert
Jessica TandyMrs. Martin
Richard Earl ThomasJoey

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