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This article is about an episode of The Jeffersons. For the similarly-titled Lifetime Television movie, see A Christmas Wedding (2006).

"The Christmas Wedding" is the first Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Jeffersons, aired as the twelfth episode in the show's third season.


Louise and Florence are wrapping George's present, which he's always guessed in the past. True to form, he guesses what it is - a red smoking jacket - because Louise forgot to hide the receipt. The Jeffersons then reminisce on past Christmases, pensive that this will be Lionel's last one with his family. 

Helen then arrives with the wedding guest list, and George is livid to see that most of them are friends of the Willises. Tom then arrives dressed as Santa, having distributed gifts for kids at the Children's Hospital. He and George then argue about everything from the guests, to the minister, to the music played at the reception. 

Lionel and Jenny then arrive after picking up their marriage license and get caught in the crossfire between their future fathers-in-law. 

A group of carolers led by a Baptist minister heard in the hallway distract the families and they go out to join them. Harry compliments Tom's Santa portrayal and lists how Santa is named in different countries. Tom then attempts to compromise on what music to play at the wedding, still insisting on his nephew being the minister. George angrily rips off Tom's Santa mustache and they head for the john and argue in there. Lionel wishes City Hall was open so he and Jenny could "get this whole wedding over with". Louise then conjures up a scheme that will bring peace and harmony to the holiday season.

The minister and the carolers arrive at the Jeffersons' apartment to perform the impromptu wedding ceremony. Tom and George come out of the bathroom just in time to watch their children say, "I do". When Louise starts crying, she tells George, "This is the real wedding." He is stunned, as is Tom. However, true love and the true spirit of Christmas prevail, and George is caught dancing with the minister and the kids. 

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