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TheDogWhoSavedChristmasVacation DVD

The cover to the DVD release

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation is the direct-to-video sequel to the 2009 movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas, starring Gary Valentine, Dwan Cain, Paris Hilton (in her first voice role), and Mario Lopez. It premiered on ABC Family on November 28, 2010, during their Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas event.


The film starts off with the Bannisters heading to a ski lodge in Colorado. When they get to their condo, they find Belinda's brother and nephew staying in the same condo. Along with them is a poodle named Bella, and Zeus immediately has a crush on her. Despite the surprised guests there, George tries to have the best Christmas ever.

Meanwhile, Ted and Stewey are after London James's necklace, so they steal it, but they accidentally leave it at the gift shop, where George lets Zeus buy it for Bella. Ted and Stewey kidnap Bella, so Zeus goes after her. The Bannisters find the dogs at the village. London James gets her necklace back, Ted and Stewey are arrested, and Zeus and Bella becomes a couple.


Title(s) Performed by
"Dear Santa" Billy Sherwood
"My Favorite Gift is You" 53 Days
"Silent Night" Mark Dauenhauer
Dave Feldstein
"Jingle Bells" Dana Ferandelli and Andres Boulton
"Oh Christmas Tree" Billy Martin
"Take a Little Time" Terrell C Moses
"Christmas Time Again" Peter Worden
"Jump This Joint" Tom Hall
"Waiting Up for Santa" Perry Novak


The film was released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment on December 7, 2010.


Actor/actress Character(s)
Mario Lopez (voice) Zeus
Gary Valentine George Bannister
Elisa Donovan Belinda Bannister
Kayley Stallings Kara Bannister
Brennan Bailey Ben Bannistet
Joey "Coco" Diaz Stewey
Dean Cain Ted
Matt Berger Hans
Carlson Young London James
Beth Shea Missy
David O'Donnell Sotherby
Casper Van Dien Randy
Michael William Arnold Zack
Paris Hilton (voice) Bella
Nickalaus Walker Inn Keeper
Michael Healey Trooper
Sleigh Horse
Virginia Huff Swedish Massage Therapist
Jeff Nicholson
Lauren Levine
Security Guards
Coley Feifer Kid in Snowball Fight
Mindy Sterling Grandma
Adrienne Barbeau Mildred
Iiana Silverman Chegwee
Barry Barnholtz Russell
Jeffrey Schenck Clark
Ryan Whaley
Audrey M. Preston
James Rodriguez
Marisa Bellis
Hotel Guests
Brandon Bowen Chef
Jeff Proctor
Buck Kois
Sleigh Drivers
Brant Owens Ski Patrolman
Catherine Oxenberg Dottie
Celeste, Amanda & Caroline Van Dien Randy's Daughters
Anna Barnholtz Wendy
Maia Hines Woo Scarlet
Aidan Schenck Corey
Ryan William Schenck Scott
Carter Bertisch Chuck
Sebastian "Bas" Finch Danny
Jackson Finch Andy
Victoria Finch Sophia
Alexis Grossman Holly
Niki Grossman Chris
Diane Healey (voice) GPS system

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